Raw Nature


Discover Mindo, Ecuador's bird-watching paradise. Immerse yourself in the enchanting cloud forest, home to over 450 bird species. Our expert guides will lead you through diverse ecosystems, where you'll encounter hummingbirds, toucans, and rare endemic species. Stay in eco-lodges, savor farm-to-table cuisine, and embark on an unforgettable birding adventure. Mindo awaits your discovery.

Delicious Delights


Indulge in the rich flavors and aromas of chocolate and coffee during our immersive tours. Discover the fascinating journey from bean to bar as you learn about the cultivation, harvesting, and processing of cocoa beans. Experience the art of coffee-making from bean selection to brewing, and savor the exquisite taste of freshly brewed coffee. Our expert guides will take you on a sensory adventure, providing insights into the history and craftsmanship behind these beloved treats.

Nature's Haven


Embark on a breathtaking adventure to our magnificent waterfall sanctuary, accessible only by a thrilling cable car ride. As you soar above the lush landscape, marvel at the panoramic views and cascading waterfalls that surround you. Upon reaching the sanctuary, immerse yourself in the serenity of nature as you explore winding trails, encounter rare flora and fauna, and rejuvenate your senses under the refreshing spray of the falls. An experience like no other, the waterfall sanctuary promises unforgettable memories in an enchanting setting.

Fluttering Beauty


Step into a world of enchantment at our mesmerizing butterfly farm. Witness the graceful dance of vibrant butterflies as they flutter through lush gardens and delicate flowers. Our farm is a haven for these delicate creatures, providing them with a safe and nurturing environment. As you wander through the farm, learn about the fascinating life cycle of butterflies, from caterpillar to chrysalis to magnificent winged wonders. With knowledgeable guides and immersive exhibits, the butterfly farm offers an extraordinary opportunity to connect with the wonders of nature.